Predictive tests

Predictive Medicine is based on a fundamental premise: the difference of people, their gene pool and the response that each group of cells gives to a possible genetic variation. The fulcrum of this new concept of Medicine is represented by Predictive Genetic Testing. Predictive Tests represent the technology capable of identifying a person’s susceptibility to a common disease; but they also allow us to identify the right diet based on their genetic profile (nutrigenomics), or even what kind of training to practice (sportgenomics).

What we are is also the result of the interaction between our DNA and the environment in which we live: it is not enough to decipher the DNA for a person’s medicine. Genes are light bulbs that turn on and off due to chemical reactions. The interesting thing is that in many cases these reactions are a direct response to environmental stimuli, such as nutrition, physical activity, smoking and alcohol. The use of Predictive Genetic Testing followed by an appropriate multidisciplinary approach, can offer each one a personalized path that includes:


  • knowledge of hereditary-family risk,
  • the identification of an adequate personalized lifestyle,
  • Identify a clinical surveillance program to allow early diagnosis
  • the possible use of pharmacological / surgical measures to reduce the risk.


Contact us for more information on the following predictive tests available:


  • Oncology Woman
  • Oncology Man
  • Cardiogenomics
  • Neuroprotection
  • Sportgenomics
  • Nutrigenomics
  • skin protection
  • Light Woman Prevention
  • Light Man Prevention
  • Woman Prevention
  • Man Prevention