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10 years of experience in the field
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StemWay BIOTECH is a knowledge Company active in the field of stem cells and predictive and personalized genetics, able to provide all the information and assistance necessary to ensure your well-being and that of your family.

Our aim is to help all people, as well as future mothers, to have a better knowledge of their health and that of their child, providing simple and reliable products and services. In addition to ensuring a serious and rigorous service of treatment and conservation of cord blood stem cells in laboratories with the main international accreditations, StemWay Biotech aims to provide a continuous update on the possibilities of conservation, on the progress of scientific research and on the medical applications of stem cells and predictive genetics, directed to both parents and health professionals. One of our experts will be able to show you which are the most reliable prenatal non-invasive tests, totally risk-free, such as the fetal DNA test. It is often difficult to assess which path to follow, StemWay Biotech puts at your disposal the best options that science offers today, in order to help you live your pregnancy more serenely.

We are among the most important providers of predictive genetic tests, counseling and prevention services. Predictive medicine makes it possible to identify the probability of developing a disease and consequently to develop measures to prevent it or significantly reduce its impact on the individual. Our main aim is to help you to be more aware of your health by informing you in advance about the predisposition to develop a specific disease or allowing an early diagnosis. In addition to a wide range of genetic tests for your prevention we can also provide you with our personalized nutrigenomics and sportgenomics services, useful to know your sensitivities or food intolerances, or to identify your sporting attitudes.

Here are some of the many children and parents who have chosen us. Not all VIPs!

Emanuela Folliero has entrusted us with her baby’s stem cells

Emanuela Folliero has entrusted us with her baby’s stem cells

L’Etoile Eleonora Abbagnato chose us for her two children

Test of fetal DNA
Predictive tests
Stem cells


What should I do

Why StemWay Biotech
6 samples already released for transplantation;  Certified laboratories; Expert Advice; High quality collecting Kit  
StemWay BIOTECH laboratory operate according to GMP standards, are…

Our laboratories have the main international accreditation such as AABB, MHRA, OFSP, HFEA, HFED and ISO 9001. This international accreditation ensures that cells, at some future date, could be accepted and processed in any laboratory in the world. This because the presence of an international accreditation covers the laboratory where the cells will be sent against danger of viral contamination.


The laboratories are located in member countries of European Union, this assures the respect of all the European directives given off on the security and on the controls for the conservation of cells and human tissues. Switzerland, San Marino and other countries where are located laboratories of some sector companies working in Italy, are not subjected to European directives but only to authorizations and local controls.


Once arrived to laboratory samples are analyzed with especially advanced techniques which do not make the next analyses necessary on the maternal blood 6 months after the childbirth and remove the risks of contamination of the samples during the quarantine period (Directive 2006/17/CE). Then, a better service, a less cost for the customer and a greater laboratory safety.


After a detailed microbiological control and quality, the sample is processed to obtain the maximum yield in terms of stored stem cells number.


The company is the only one which assures, for the whole duration of the conservation period, a medical advice specialized in matter of clinical use of stem cells. In other words, in presence of curable pathologies with stem cells, we are able to give the best updating on the therapies and the research in matter. A fundamental service which makes our company absolutely only. This service is also available for the customers of other companies that do not offer a personalized medical advice.


Our customer’s contract releases the sanitary staff and the sanitary structure, place of the delivery, from responsibility in case of insufficient quantity of blood collected. This because, even if the collection was made by great attention and professionalism, in some cases the quantity of blood or stem cells collected is limited. This kind of care reserved to the sanitary staff is particularly appreciated by the medical structure this guarantees a better service to our customers.


The times of the KIT collection after the childbirth are the shortest. More than 90% of the KITs arrives to the lab by the first 24 hours, while 100% of the samples will be processed by the first 48 hours. KIT collection are executed 365 days the year. Besides, in case of childbirth in days preceding to long holiday periods (Christmas, New Year’s Day, Easter, other holidays), we activate to our expenses the procedure of “collection express” which assures the arrival at our laboratories within 24 hours. We put the customer’s requirements before every other thing.


Our company is able to release the conservation certificate in extremely reduced times, in confirmation of the efficiency of our processes and laboratories.


Our call center assures significantly better time-table and times of answer than the competition. Everything to assure the best service to our customers.


The payment of the settlement can be made also in 47 months. Who say such a service is not for everybody?


A specific KIT is used for collection and transport of your sample protecting your cord cells from the external environment. The KIT includes a special sterile bag, designed purposely for the collection of the cord blood. The needle is of high gauge in order to maximize the volume of collected blood, a crucial aspect to guarantee the quality of the sample. The cord blood is transported in a special container (IATA PI650 and UN3373). We use a couriers authorized for transportation of biological samples.


The services offered by StemWay Biotech Ltd.?

Once future parents have decided to enroll with StemWay Biotech Ltd. they must request the KIT for blood collection and transport to the chosen laboratory after paying the 290 euro fee. After payment, future parents will receive the KIT, which also include all the necessary information to request to the Ministry of Health the authorization for umbilical cord blood export and the necessary documentation and instructions for your caregiver to perform UCB collection. The authorization might take some time so we recommend to request the KIT in the sixth or seventh month of pregnancy and to inform your caregiver and sanitary structure where delivery will take place that you plan to collect and store UCB. When you go to deliver your baby you must bring the KIT with you and to give it to the caregiver responsible for collection. Cord blood is collected from the umbilical cord immediately after the birth of the baby and after the cord has been cut. Once the collection has been performed you need to contact the number stated on the KIT in order to follow the previously established instructions for shipping to the laboratory. At this time, as at all times, parents can contact StemWay personnel for further support and assistance. Once in the laboratory the stem cells will be counted and isolated, then cryogenically frozen and stored ready for use should they be required.

What are stem cells?

Stem cells are cells that are not specialized, i.e. have not differentiated into a specific cellular function. These are cells that are capable of dividing and renewing them selves for long period of times, and can give rise to specialized cell types.

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