Useful Information In Pregnancy

Are you waiting for a child? Check what is the perfect time to contact StemWay Biotech. If they have informed you that in Italy it is not possible to proceed with the preservation of cordon tissue, call our Customer Care 840 000 908 and we will explain that this is not true. They are only technological limits of some companies not equipped for this important new service.

Calculates the weight and length of the child at birth and the expected date of delivery

For new parents, pregnancy is not only a moment of great joy but also a period of profound changes. During the first 13 weeks, important phenomena occur in the mother’s body for the continuation of gestation. The first changes in the mother’s body are given by the increase in hormones, especially estrogen and progesterone, and often the first trimester of pregnancy is accompanied by nausea, fatigue and other small sensations that lead the mother to feel the need to protect and cuddle. From the tenth week of pregnancy it is possible to perform the Fetal DNA Test, it is a non-invasive predictive test that will allow you to know the state of health of your child, contact StemWay Biotech immediately for further information.

The second quarter is the period when even from the outside we notice the great changes in the body such as the increase in the volume of the uterus, an unequivocal sign of the growth of the fetus. It is at this time that the parents begin to organize their future life, they know the sex of the new family member and the mother feels the movements of the child who turns, kicks, sleeps, sucks and sometimes has a sob. Thinking about the future of the child, this is the ideal moment to make the first contacts with StemWay BIOTECH to receive all the useful information on the cryo-preservation services of the umbilical cord stem cells.

Finally the last trimester of pregnancy arrives; the uterus is greatly increased in weight and volume to contain amniotic fluid, placenta and the baby that grows about 200-250 grams each week! The fetus seeks the ideal position in the birth canal by engaging in the pelvis, while the uterus begins to practice for labor with slight contractions. Parents are concentrated mainly on the time of delivery, in the last practical preparations, in the choice of the preferred health structure and in the bureaucratic procedures necessary for the event.

On the day of delivery you will meet for the first time your child or your child and you will realize that birth is only the first step of a long journey together.

By carrying out the Nutrigenomics Test proposed by StemWay Biotech you will be able to face the pregnancy even with the right personalized nutritional intake, helping you to be always in shape.

The body mass index (BMI) is the weight that we have in calculating body weight in kilos and height in meters. Values ​​between 18.5 and 25 Kg / m2 are to be considered

    If last menstruation date is known, you can calculate your Expected Delivery Date (EDD) which coincide with the 40th week of gestational age. The result of this calculation is an average value and you need to remember that delivery could happen 15 days before or 15 days after the Expected Delivery Date.

    If you complete even the optional fields “menstrual cycle length” and “luteinic phase length” you’ll obtain additional information only about the expected day of conception but you could extract different  EDD from the one calculated by your gynaecologist.

    Last Menstruation Date


    Optional fields:

    Menstrual Cycle Length

    from 22 to 45 (usually 28)

    Luteinic Phase Average Length

    from 9 to 16 (usually 14)

    Results (DD/MM/YYYY)

    Expected Delivery Date

    Gestational Age

    Conception Date

    Ovulation date is the day when conceiving a baby is possible, that is when you are fertile.

    On the form below, please add the date of the first day of your last menstruation and report if your menstruation cycles are normal (25-31 days long), short (< 25 days long) or long (>31 days long).

    Please remember that days immediately before and the 24 hours after ovulation could be fertile as well and that the menstruation cycle is affected by several factors; these are the reasons why you’ll obtain just an approximate date!




    Bi-Parietal Diameter (BPD)


    Abdominal Circumference (AC)



    Formula of Shephard et al. for the estimation of fetal weight:
    (FW in Kg, BPD e AC in mm) Log10(eFW)=-1.7492+(0.0166*BPD)+(0.0046*AC)-2.646*(BPD+AC)/100

    Femur Length (FL)